Empowering farmers with new channels of data

Optimize all facets of your farm operation, from H2-A Compliance & Labor Tracking to Time Sheets & Production Records.

We Ensure Compliance 

Agri-Trak was created to ensure H2-A labor practices are in compliance with the Department of Labor.  We have done extensive testing and reporting and are working with the Department of Labor to ensure our reports meet their needs.  Don’t go through a DOL audit without Agri-Trak!

Collect Actionable Data

Agri-Trak also collects data regarding your farm locations, blocks and rows, produce types, jobs, employees, and teams / crews.  We use this data to provide customizable widgets that give you a birds-eye view of your farming operation.  You can also dig into this data in a very granular way to better understand your production costs.

The Most Important Tool on Your Farm

Agri-Trak comes with farm management modules to assist you with all facets of your farm operation, from H2-A Compliance and Labor Tracking to Production Records and Time Sheets.

Farm Management

Human Resources

Labor Compliance

Data Analytics

Time & Piece Rate Tracking

Payroll Calculations

Financial Analytics

Coming Soon!


Truck Ticketing Log

Coming Soon!

Farm Reports

Coming Soon!

"I have been looking for a software like this for years. I've found software that comes close to solving our needs, but nothing quite like this that was specifically built for the apple growing industry. Agri-Trak keeps releasing new features that saves me time in the office and makes my job easier. We don't want to be without it!"

- Jason Sonneville