Reducing Administrative Tasks One Byte at a Time

Agri-Trak is a farm management application suite, developed especially for the apple industry. This application includes customizable modules that allow farm operators to manage things such as Employee H2-A Contracts, Production Records, Payroll and Time Sheets. Agri-Trak provides real-time information in easy to read widgets allowing farms to make daily data-informed decisions.  We are also building a data warehouse to provide industry leaders with pertinent data that was once difficult to obtain.

Get It Done With Agri-Trak

Agri-Trak comes with farm management modules to assist you with all facets of your farm operation, from H2-A Compliance and Labor Tracking to Production Records and Time Sheets.

Farm Management

Manage your farm locations, blocks, produce types, jobs, employees, and teams from one app.


Labor Broker Specific Modules Manage H2-A Workers & Contracts

Generate, manage, edit and print the business and government forms for all of your employees in just a few clicks.


Time & Piece Tracking

Track all of your employee check-in and check-out times, piece rates, and then generate payroll reports using highly flexible and customizable rates schemes.

Manage Farm Operations

Agri-Trak is designed and developed to be a complete platform for managing your farm operation.  We help to manage multiple types of produce, farm locations, blocks and/or rows, harvest containers.  We also keep track of your labor force, including H2-A requirements.  Agri-Trak collects all of your farm data and brings it together to produce in-depth reports, in turn allowing each farm to make data-informed decisions about their specific operation.

H2-A Compliance Made Easy

Agri-trak has an add-on H2-A module for Labor Brokers which automates and scales the generation of government forms and personal contracts for H2-A employees. Bulk upload employee details and with a single click generate and print the forms for all your employees. It’s that easy! Contact Agri-Trak for a custom quote for your Labor Broker business today!

Managing Your Farm Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Agri-Trak is an all-in-one platform that helps manage every aspect of your agriculture operation. Let us help with the administrative tasks so you can get back into the field and do what you enjoy the most – farm!

Using Agri-Trak can help you to make data-driven decisions about your operation. 

"I have been looking for a software like this for years. I've found software that comes close to solving our needs, but nothing quite like this that was specifically built for the apple growing industry."

- Jason S.

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