Labor Tracking and H2-A Compliance Software

for Every Farm

We take the guesswork out of farming. 


Our tools were built by farmers for farmers.  Our team is made up of a fifth generation farmer and a sales team that understands agriculture.

We provide growers with the critical data that they need to make data-informed decisions about their crops and farm.  Access real-time information while out in the field.

Manage Employee and H2-A Contracts, Payroll, Time Sheets, Production Records, and Enterprise Reports – all in our customizable, easy to use apps.

We help farmers replace pens and pencils with easy to use digital tools.

Get It Done With Agri-Trak

Imagine completing a labor audit with a shoebox full of disorganized timecards and records. 

Agri-Trak ensures that you stay organized and have pertinent information at your fingertips.  Our farm management modules help you get back to doing what you love; farm.

Farm Management

Manage your farm locations, blocks, rows, produce types, jobs, hourly work, piece rates, employees, and teams / crews from one dashboard from any internet connected device.

We provide a birds-eye view of your farming operation from our web dashboard!


Manage H2-A Workers & Contracts

Manage your H2-A contracts, prevailing wages, piece rate calculations, and overtime requirements for your domestic and foreign workers.

We help keep you in compliance with department of labor regulations!


Time & Piece Tracking

Track all of your employee check-in and check-out times, piece rates, and then generate payroll reports using highly flexible and customizable rates schemes.

Our users are saving an average of 8 minutes of paid time per employee, per day!

Manage Farm Operations

Agri-Trak is designed and developed to be a complete platform for managing your farm operation.  We help to manage multiple types of produce, farm locations, blocks and/or rows, harvest containers, and jobs.  We also keep track of your labor force, including H2-A requirements.  Agri-Trak collects all of your farm data and brings it together to produce in-depth reports, in turn allowing each farm to make data-informed decisions about their specific enterprise.

H2-A Compliance Made Easy

Agri-Trak knows H2-A! We make sure that your employees are paid the appropriate wages based on the AEWR rates, prevailing wages, piece rates, and minimum wage requirements.  We compare piece rates to the prevailing wage and ensure workers are paid a rate equal to or more the AEWR.  We also have a 3/4 Guarantee report that can be run at the click of a button.  Our Labor Audit report will provide pertinent information to ensure you breeze through your next audit.

Managing Your Farm Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Our all-in-one platform helps manage every aspect of your agriculture operation. Let us help with the administrative tasks so you can get back into the field and do what you do best – farm!

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