Farm Management Software

Written by Jamie Sonneville

Founder & CEO of Agri-Trak. Cornell '04 & '06. Tech geek. Fifth generation apple grower. "Agri-Trak was built for farmers, by farmers."

April 25, 2022

Growing specialty crops is difficult! There are so many variables to contribute to the production of your crop and each one comes with it’s own set of challenges.  Things like increasing costs and decreasing margins mean that you need to know exactly what it takes to grow the perfect product.

Farm management software should be a vital component to your specialty crop operation.

Each year there are more regulations, increased compliance reporting, and additional tracking that each farm operation is required to comply with.  The amount of paperwork plaguing farmers and farm managers continues to increase.  That’s where farm management apps come in!

Tools like award-winning Agri-Trak can help you make data-informed decisions with real-time information while out in the fields. Manage Employee and H2-A Contracts, Payroll, Time Sheets, Production Records, and Enterprise Reports – all in our customizable, easy to read app.  We also offer mobile time clocks, manage piece rates, and track 3/4 guarantees.

Agri-Trak was built by farmers, for farmers.


Agri-Trak takes the guesswork out of farming.  We partner with farms to ensure their success.

Together, we grow smart farms.

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