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Written by Jamie Sonneville

Founder & CEO of Agri-Trak. Cornell '04 & '06. Tech geek. Fifth generation apple grower. "Agri-Trak was built for farmers, by farmers."

April 26, 2022

Are you able to track your true costs of production? Do you know the exact amount of money that you spend per job, per farm, per block, or even per row each year?

Agri-Trak is the farm management platform you need to help you analyze farm practices and better understand how money you’re spending on each job task. 

Our reporting tool will run reports based on the entire farm, a block, and even a specific row. We can also filter by job type, employee type, and varieties. Agri-Trak can report the total cost to produce a specific variety, within a specific block / field while also showing your production / yield. This is helpful to analyze specific tasks and ensure that the cost / resources to deploy a strategy pays off in either increased efficiencies or increased yield (or both!).

We have customers who have used our software to validate specific farm practices and they have found that the increase in yield and returns far out-weigh the cost of each practice.  If you’d like to learn more, contact us:


Set up a demo to see how Agri-Trak can help you save money today!


Agri-Trak takes the guesswork out of farming.  We partner with farms to ensure their success.

Together, we grow smart farms.

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